The Penumbra Podcast

The Penumbra Podcast was designed by Harley Takagi Kaner and Kevin Vibert. There are two main tales in just The Penumbra Podcast: The Second Citadel, which can take spot within a fantasy world where humans are battling monsters[seven] and Juno Steel a detective noir tale set in the distant foreseeable future.[eight][9] Juno is a handsome, trenchcoat-donning black detective.
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From 2016 to 2018, The Penumbra Podcast used artist Mikaela Buckley to make artwork for the characters of the podcast. In her depictions, some characters (most notably Juno Steel) have been black. Some individuals felt that the podcast was brownwashing the people without having placing true effort in, as the voice actors almost exclusively have been white. The Penumbra Podcast issued an official apology on September 24, 2021, a several weeks following recognition about the subject matter was raised. Items that includes Buckley's artwork was discontinued. The Penumbra Podcast continue to has her art on their website for archival purposes.[11]

The Penumbra has received favourable attention for its large LGBTQIA+ themes. The website Book Riot labeled it just one of "the greatest fiction podcasts you will need to listen to."[twelve] Melissa Locker of The Guardian termed the podcast "a storytelling clearly show that gives basic tales a head-spinning twist".[13] It was ranked selection 17 in Tumblr's 2019 list of top website series.[14] Mackenzie Hubbard of The Michigan Everyday, reported "I've listened to [the podcast] four times and I have cried every time".[15]

In accordance to Joshua Dudley of Forbes, the podcast has received six diverse AudioVerse Awards.[sixteen] The podcast gained "Ideal New Authentic, Long Type, Little Cast, Ongoing Output" in 2016.[17] In 2017, "Ideal Actress in a Supporting role for an Ongoing, Spectacular, Creation" went to Kate Jones for taking part in the character Rita in Penumbra, "Most effective Actor in a Supporting job for an Ongoing, Extraordinary, Manufacturing" went to Noah Simes for actively playing Lord Arum, and "Greatest Actor in a Top position for an Ongoing, Dramatic, Creation" went to Joshua Ilon for taking part in Juno Metal.[18] The podcast also gained ideal "Audio Enjoy Output" in 2019 together with more awards for performing.[19]

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